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With our Dialogram products you offer automated and efficient communication without losing the human side of things.
This is the latest concept of an online contact center.

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Business communication on social networks

Business communication on social networks

Why does the term commercial communication seem so complicated? Why do professionals understand that it is applied only to large companies? We will demystify this problem in this article. Companies...

Chatbot: The collaborator of the year 2020

Chatbot: The collaborator of the year 2020

The population is changing, what was once a necessity of companies, today is a desire of customers. The millennium generation and the “X” generation already prefer to use chatbot to interact with...

Enter the modern era!

Sell more

Quick and efficient support is a way to offer solutions that your clients need, before your competitor.

Better Support

Whatsapp is one of the most used communication channels. Your business needs professional support through this platform.

Automate processes

Integrate Dialogram Chat and other messaging platforms and create automation processes so communication will be at the speed of light.

Performance and quality

Manage conversations in real time through social media and keep a record of everything that happened.

Our Products

Is your business ready to serve the digital consumer?

OMNICHANNEL Service Platform for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, WebChat, Telegram, with Artificial Intelligence.

Is the cost of telephony taking your business off the market?

Intelligent telephony solution with cloud infrastructure and quality of service to impress your customers.

Dialogram Numbers

Social Media agents

Voice extensions

Monitored telephony lines

Call center agents

Different states

Cyber security agents

Our trajectory ...

Founded in 2003, Dialogram began operations by working on data communications and information security projects.

In 2006, we joined omnichannel communication with IP telephony and multichannel messaging solutions.

We’re the best because…

We have in depth knowledge of the metrics, routines, procedures, and technologies related to telephony, messaging, and day-to-day contact center.

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Nós ligamos para você!

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