Why does the term commercial communication seem so complicated? Why do professionals understand that it is applied only to large companies? We will demystify this problem in this article.

Companies have always needed to create bonds. These links can be created with your consumers, employees, potential customers, opinion makers, etc., but understand: This is an increasing need for companies due to the widespread use of social networks.

Your company can be large and, perhaps, this is an issue that has already been dealt with calmly. But, why should companies of all sizes be concerned with this issue? Because social networks make it possible for companies, regardless of their size, to communicate with their market and achieve great results with this communication.

The content on the Fortics blog clearly shows the rise of the digital consumer, online consumer or whatever you want to name it. This consumer buys and relates to big brands in the same way that he wants to do with much smaller companies, often with small entrepreneurs, an important base of our country’s economy.

Being just for being is not worth

It is at this moment that we see several actions on the social networks of companies aligned with the new world that, knowing the importance of online communication with their market, react and create their means of delivering content and relationships to them.

But, just be present on social networks and everything is right? Of course not! The decision to be present on social networks is only the first, after which a series of analyzes, plans and especially experiments and tests must be made.

Your consumer wants to be treated in a unique way, even though he is “only” one among many others. The relationship on social networks should be close, productive and of interest to the consumer, not just your company.

This is yet another reason for you and your company to adopt communication channels with your customer, to define a language for each channel, service and relationship possibilities, and especially, to take care of the communication in the chosen channel.

Positioning is everything on social media

Business communication on social networks is sensitive. Not speaking or not being clear in what you are talking about can cause great damage, because on the other side there are internet users who are not always encouraged to better understand what your company says.

Therefore, working on the development of a brand positioning and thinking about several elements present in this positioning is fundamental. A primer of defended values, of sensitive themes, of clear opinions on important themes, goes through the definition of this position.

But Hugo, this definition you’re asking for is only for very large companies, right? WRONG… Although it seems complex, these definitions are simple and can be made gradually in your business so that from the beginning you can benefit from important advances and, from them, evolve in the digital positioning of your company.

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