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Impress your customers by modernizing your voice customer service through a modern and agile telephony infrastructure, where you’ll be able to do much more with less resources.

Do you still have a hard time…

… serving your customers in an organized manner, ensuring their satisfaction and your companies profitability? Your problems probably are: 

You’re not using the power of cloud computing to increase service capacity and scale your operation.
You’re missing a platform that enables the automation of processes with a focus on results.
A need to integrate management tools with a modern voice platform fully aligned with your business model.

Increase your profitability

With Dialogram Voice you will have the best functionalities in order to increase the quality, control and productivity of your customer service.

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Your Telephony System on a Cloud

Ready for your demands!

Did your demand increase? Rapidly increase your customer service capacity.

Everything working 24/7!

Fully redundant structure, ideal for your company’s critical services.

A safe place!

Thought out to provide the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Dialogram voice will organize your customer service!

We know the challenges in maintaining a customer service operation that will provide the answers to your customers’ needs. Dialogram Voice is prepared to be your best tool.

Cost reduction is still possible

Telephony costs cannot remove your business from the market. Take a look at how Dialogram Voice functionalities can help your business reduce cost effectively.

Transitioning between different carriers

Working with different fixed, mobile and VoIP carriers, your business will have access to the best rates to make your calls. According to the call profile, the system will choose the best and cheapest route based on developed knowledge base.

Calling back your employees

With a callback system, your company will no longer need to provide cell phones to your collaborators. They can call from their personal phone to a Dialogram Voice number, that will immediately capture who is calling and without picking up the call it will call right back.

Using your smartphone as an extension

If your employee uses a smartphone Dialogram Voice can use it as a business extension to make calls which have the option to by cryptographed. Through a data network (Wi-FI, LTE, 5G), using a SIP Phone app, your employee will have an extension in his pocket, anywhere in the world.

Reducing 1800 cost for your business

In a quick call Dialogram Voice captures the number that is calling and announces they will receive a call back in moments, using the cheapest outbound route for your business. It is possible to confirm the call back number.

Unlimited calls within your businesses

Through your business’ network connection, Dialogram Voice establishes a communication tunnel, allowing your affiliates to communicate through internal extensions, as if they were in the same place.

Automated Contact Centers

Create campaigns and increase productivity

Automatic dialing, caller ID, line organizers and automatic dialing methodologies are some of the functionalities available to optimize your customers service campaigns, accounts payable, sales, research, among others. 

Manage a great number of calls

The Dialogram Voice DAC will always help your company provide your clients with an excellent experience. The call distribution uses a database about who is calling in order to optimize service and reduce call wait time. 

Value your customers opinion even more

The Dialogram Voice research functionality is an excellent tool to evaluate client satisfaction at the end of each call. The configuration and utilization of our IVR for research will deliver important information for your business.

Integrating with other solutions

Dialogram Voice has many different integrations with CRMs or ERPs, as well as other control systems. You can also integrate Dialogram Voice functionalities such as 1800 calls straight from your website.
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Create your IVR in a simple and intuitive way

Configure your IVR in a quick way, with a clear and objective menu. Adjust and test other configurations anytime you need, delivering a high performance menu. 

Integrate your headquarter and affiliates at no extra cost

Install voice connection between your businesses through the data network. Speak to affiliates as if they were at headquarter. 

Monitor calls from your extensions in real time

Listen in on calls whenever needed. Monitor your customer service representatives to offer important insight via “whispers” at the right time. 

Use your extension anywhere in the world

Turn your employee’s smartphone into an internal extension. This way, they can answer calls at no cost, anywhere while they are connected to a data network. 


Manage and reduce cost for calls

Bring your telephony management to a new level so that by optimizing the use of all features, you can also reduce cost.

Satisfaction survey for your customers

Create satisfaction surveys to be used after each call in a simple way that will bring great results. Get rich feedback about your business.

Make cryptographed phone calls

Secure your communication making cryptographed calls between your smartphone and important contacts, offering great secrecy to all.

Automate your calls with an automatic dialer

Make more effective calls using automatic dialing modes. Create dialing strategy’s in order to increase efficiency. 

Integrate with different platforms within the market

Dialogram Voice integrates with several business management systems. If the system your company uses is not on our list, contact our team!

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