WhatsApp has 2 billion users around the world. For this reason, this channel cannot be left out of its consumer relationship strategy.

The popularity of WhatsApp has caused many companies to start using this channel in their communication strategies. WhatsApp is a great way to be where the customer is achieving practicality and convenience.

For the customer, WhatsApp is a great solution, because the entire service history is stored on his smartphone so that he can consult and clarify again as doubts, or that it is not possible to make at least one phone call.

As the WhatsApp Business application is unable to serve as companies that have a considerable amount of resources via WhatsApp, Facebook launched WhatsApp Business Solution that allows the integration of the messenger channel with customer service platforms.

How to improve service through WhatsApp?

A study by the Croma Insights consultancy showed that WhatsApp is used at work by 60% of respondents. This number is three times higher than email, used by only 20% of the people who participated in the survey.

Other data released by Facebook also show the impact of WhatsApp, which has its business version used by more than 5 million companies around the world. And so you don’t fall behind, we have separated some tips to help you get the most out of this channel.

Integrate WhatsApp with a customer service platform

The integration between the WhatsApp channel and a customer service platform is possible through the WhatsApp Business API (Application Programming Interface), known as WhatsApp Business API. This integration allows all service processes via WhatsApp to be executed on the platform and is no longer the smartphone application or the web version of the messenger.

Among the various advantages available, the adoption of a service platform, is available for simultaneous use, several human assets in the same WhatsApp commercial account. This feature has greatly decreased as queues and collaboration to increase customer satisfaction.

Use automation in customer service via WhatsApp

Another great advantage possible through the API is the use of automation in customer service via WhatsApp. How automation is possible through chatbots: virtual attendants can be programmed according to the needs of your company.

Among the advantages of using chatbots in customer service, we can mention the automation of repetitive procedures such as requesting a card, according to payment slips, table of values, information about products and services, in addition to several recurring questions.

By automating simple tasks, chatbots save company employees’ time and resources. In addition, bots can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so your customers will never be without an answer from your company.

When the chatbot is not programmed to perform a certain procedure, it will forward the ventures to humans, if it is a service time, or save customer data and information that an attendant contacts in the same way as possible. Initiatives like this offer your company not to miss opportunities for business hours.

Only use official solutions for service via WhatsApp

When using an official solution, in addition to ensuring the security of your company and customer data, you are not at risk of having your number banned for violating WhatsApp policies.

WhatsApp reserves the right to limit or remove or access any company that decides as pre-defined rules, including not using unauthorized third party tools.

Use only one number for all departments

Using WhatsApp integrated with a customer service platform and making use of automation, you can use only one WhatsApp account for all sectors of the company.

Upon contacting WhatsApp, the customer is greeted by an automation that talks to the customer and forward a demand to the appropriate sector. This way, you avoid having to save multiple numbers.

Integrate with other communication channels

Today’s consumers are multichannel. They use several messengers like Telegram and Facebook Messenger, so, in order not to miss opportunities, your company must also be present in several other channels besides WhatsApp.

To integrate all your channels, you must choose an omnichannel service platform. This way, you can perform this procedure easily and intuitively.

This integration is great for your attendants who do not need to check different channels for the car, if there are new messages.

Track metrics and analyze results

Unfortunately, the WhatsApp Business application does not force data into companies, but with the integration of WhatsApp with a service platform, you get all the data that needs to do a good management of customer support processes.

A complete service platform offers the company a good analysis tool, in addition to the important data to provide quality service. As an example, we can mention:

  • Average service time;
  • Average waiting time for assistance;
  • Total number of developments on the day;
  • Number of projects carried out at a time;
  • Evaluation of customers for service received.

Integrate a CRM

Using a service platform, you can easily integrate your WhatsApp conversations with a CRM tool.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are information systems that organize and automate business processes. They are very useful for managing customer engagement in the areas of sales, marketing and service.

Follow WhatsApp rules

Regarding notifications, it is not allowed to send public content such as promotional messages or sending multimedia content. However, during conversations, these rules are not valid.

Now let’s list the types of content not allowed in WhatsApp notices:

  • Sales, discounts, promotions, product recommendations or offers;
  • Recurring content;
  • Content for customer re-engagement;
  • Media files, such as video and images;
  • Application evaluation request;
  • Reminders or alerts about something that a customer has indicated an interest in seeing (not related to a purchase or event);
  • Product, marketing or brand research.

Did you like the tips? How about starting the potential of service via WhatsApp through a customer service platform that uses a WhatsApp Business API?

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