Omnichannel happens when there is multichannel marketing, from customer service to purchase, in an integrated way, using the same communication channel.

The consumer, when looking for a product, is interested in using all available shopping channels and this requires an efficient strategy, capable of integrating different elements and adapting the demands. Omnichannel is used for this, for the integration between different channels.

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel’s main function is to integrate purchasing processes, enhancing the consumer experience when using more than one channel. The purpose of the methodology is to start the purchase in one channel and end in another, thus generating a gain for the customer.

The consumer will absorb more information about products, brands, prices and whatever else is needed to make their final decision. And for this to work, it is essential that salespeople follow the consumer’s trajectory, giving the necessary information in all available channels. It is also possible to offer exclusive or complementary services in different company channels.

What are the challenges of this strategy?

It is important to be aware of market trends and needs to always offer the best shopping experience. Some of the main points that must be addressed in all Omnichannel strategies are:

Stock integration

The integration of the objects available in stock, as well as the possibility of withdrawing from the physical store, a product purchased by the virtual store are fundamental for the application of an efficient Omnichannel strategy.

Consistent pricing

Your consumer does not want to find different prices and information in each of their sales channels, so it is necessary to have good communication between them.

Order tracking

The tracking of orders placed in all its service channels and in all stages of delivery must be made available. With this, the customer is always aware of the progress of his order, avoiding inconvenience.

Offers across all purchase channels

It is not recommended to create unmissable promotions or establish values ​​if they only apply to a specific purchase channel. If you want to integrate your sales process, offers must be made available on all platforms of your company.

Exchange power in all purchasing channels

One of the main demands of customers when it comes to e-commerce is the exchange policy. Therefore, in order to provide the best possible experience for your consumers, you need to align this process across all channels.

What are the main benefits of Omnichannel?

Better customer service
By integrating all your company’s sales platforms, you offer a more effective service to your customer. With this, he has a more satisfactory experience, being able to choose which channels are most suitable for each occasion according to his needs.

Cost reduction with Omnichannel
Omnichannel reduces a company’s costs, since, betting on this strategy, it is possible to manage inventory and sales in a unified way, improving flow, optimizing processes and in addition has the potential to increase the profitability of products.

Increased brand visibility
A company that invests in innovation, practicality and tools that make life easier for consumers is always well regarded in the market. Therefore, this strategy can be decisive to improve the image of your business before your target audience, partner companies and even competitors.

Customer loyalty and engagement
Consumers are always looking for positive experiences, and, by betting on an efficient solution for the sales process, it is possible to win loyal and engaged customers with your brand image.

How to integrate Omnichannel with your company

Implementing an Omnichannel strategy is not as simple as it sounds. Initially, it is necessary to know the consumer and his habits, identifying how open he is to testing the functionalities of a new communication and sales channel.

It is necessary to invest in technology seeking the engagement and satisfaction of users on the platforms. For the strategy to work, it is necessary to review all the company’s operations, seeking to identify the best ways to optimize these processes for this new reality.

A good option is to provide services that can be started and ended on different channels. Thus, it is possible for the customer to buy in the digital store and choose to withdraw the product in the physical store without changing the price. Thus, the consumer does not spend on shipping and receives the product before the deadline.

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