The flow of information within a company must occur effectively, as it favors productivity and the delivery of quality results, as employees have access to all necessary instructions.

In this scenario, thinking about unified communications can be the next step to ensure that everyone in the company acts in complete harmony. And this is just one of the many benefits of unifying internal communication in the corporate environment.

How does unified communication work?

Unified communication allows managers and employees to communicate at any time using any means, with the differential of systems integration, which ensures that messages reach the recipients, so that communication becomes more effective.

This not only allows managers on corporate trips to keep in touch with their teams, but also opens up the possibility of keeping part of the team on remote work. Using unified communication inserts your company into the reality of corporate mobility.

What are the advantages of unified communication?

The use of unified communication in the company provides many benefits that go beyond practicality, as the integrated system brings even greater advantages.

Improvement in the management of internal communication

Using multiple channels to communicate with employees may seem like a good solution so that they can reach the largest number of people simultaneously. The problem is that when the process is done manually, it is common for there to be failures or delays.

By unifying all virtual channels on one platform, it is guaranteed that all information circulates in all media, as expected when configuring the system. With this, the company gains agility and efficiency in communication.

Lower costs

When a new solution is implemented, there is a high initial investment in equipment, support and training. In the case of unified communication, the return on investment is certain, since the savings with telephone services and even with the costs of managing multiple channels is drastic and will be felt almost immediately in your company.

It is important for the IT team to demonstrate to the finance department the benefits of unified communication. The intention is that it is included in the planning and that the entire company can use unified communications.

Increased information security

This system gives managers full control over messages exchanged and files sent between employees, internally, or between them and people outside the company.

Easy backups

The IT team has to constantly worry about making backups of e-mails, messages and other company data. With unified communication, it is possible to configure a single solution to make copies of all files easily, which can be accessed whenever necessary.

Growth in business generation

There is a clear gain in communication and between sectors, in the agility and security with which information circulates. This provides the perfect scenario for the company to gain more efficiency in generating business.

Considering the speed of closing deals today, it is very important that the team has the ability to provide agile responses to its customers, to prevent them from looking for competition.

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