Dissatisfied customer is one of the most critical problems that a company can go through. All the work of attracting, convincing and selling, producing products or composing services falls apart when the customer is not satisfied. But part of this dissatisfaction may be easier to resolve than you think.

Unsatisfied customer? Maybe the problem is in the service

Your company may be of different markets and sizes, but customer service is invariably one of the most important activities it develops.

This service can be related to sales, support, finance, operation, logistics etc., but in each case he is responsible for communicating to customers what they need, within a journey of interaction with your company.

There is a phrase that defines the challenge of communication in care: “Communication is not what I say, communication is what you understand”. Thus, communication noise is often responsible for major misunderstandings that leave your customer dissatisfied.

This is an important reflection, since the service is all based on communication. He is responsible for delivering the value of our company to the customer. How much errors and lack of effectiveness of the service damage the image of your company before the customer?

“Hunger for time” is one of the important factors

Ashley Williams, an American actress (you may remember her in the movie Juno), some 20 years ago spelled the term “hunger for time” as one of the great challenges of the modern world. Their research shows that, although we have more time available in recent years, our sense of lack of time grows steadily.

The April 2019 Harvard Business Review edition tells how people’s immediacy distorts their perception of time. As a result, she points out that:

The quest to earn more money causes people to need to solve their problems faster and faster so that they can return to their profitable business;
Convenience services are very important in the social context, as there is an increasing number of people demanding convenience experiences so that they can use their remaining time more productively.
People who want convenience, speed and assertiveness. People who want a new level of experience in their relationship with their suppliers and partners. We and your company serve this audience, right? When these people position themselves as a dissatisfied customer, the sensation of wasting time worsens and that is precisely what our customer does not want.

So, here is one more reflection: Are our companies prepared to serve the way that our customers want to be served? Especially digital consumers, who are in contact with our companies?

Increased cost and lost revenue

You probably answered no or partially yes to the question in the previous item. This is the answer of most companies. Therefore, your company has high costs to keep the service operation close to the levels of quality that you would like or lose important revenue with dissatisfied customers who require attention to solve problems and / or will not buy more from your company.

In a competitive market like the one we are experiencing at the moment, it is a huge loss for companies to go through these difficulties. Reducing operating costs and earning revenue is the path we want for our business. To deviate from this path is to undermine the possibilities of growth of our business and why not say, “decrease your possibility of professional growth within your company?”.

One of the most present terms in businesses that want to grow in this competitive world is Digital Transformation. This requires that our companies relate to customers in a new way, understanding their behavior and needs in a profound way, with an increasing delivery of added value, as well as increasing control over all activities carried out by the company. We even wrote an article focused on this subject.

So, what would it be like if your company and your department could reduce the service operation costs and even with this cost reduction could increase the effectiveness of this service?

What would it be like if your company could, through a well-performed service, increase the level of customer satisfaction by helping to build brand ambassadors? What would it be like if your company were able to increase revenue from sales of new products and services to customers in your base by providing high quality service?

Points to be investigated in your company

For now, let’s stop thinking and give you some guidance on how to move towards good service and avoid having a dissatisfied customer.

  • Implement satisfaction survey processes – Conducting the famous NPSs (Net Promoter Score) will give your company visibility into how much your customers today are promoters or detractors of your brand.
  • Identify your main service issues – The entire company has more recurring services. It is important to define which services your team invests the most time in, to decide on immediate improvements.
  • Record the calls made – Whether by phone, through social networks or even in person. Create ways to record these calls so that you and your team can assist them. All service, whether good or bad, brings important experiences to the team and incredible possibilities for improvement.

These first three items are just the beginning for the beginning of a trajectory that aims to considerably reduce the presence of the dissatisfied customer in your company. But it will certainly give you and your employees a better view on where to improve customer service. We will write more about this in the next posts.

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