Everyone who is using it personally or professionally is already having difficulty listening to audio messages in the middle of multiple text messages.

Before talking about STT, it is essential to understand this scenario: “You are conducting customer service via WhatsApp at your company, taking care of several important matters at the same time, when a long audio message arrives.”

As we are able to read more quickly what to say, (or hear a message in this case) it is true to say that reading offers a greater chance of interacting with the messages they receive via social networks, especially on Instant Messengers platforms, such as WhatsApp , Telegram and Microsoft Teams or even on social networks, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct.

STT or Speech To Text is a technology that allows you to transcribe text as audio messages received on different platforms. Incorporate this technology into the omnichannel service platform, or the one that offers several benefits for service operations, such as those highlighted below:

Higher speed in service with STT

The first advantage of using STT for WhatsApp audio messages is the considerable increase in the speed of service for this type of conversation. Because he does not need to hear all the audio to know what it is about, the attendant can identify the priority of the message and what needs to be done much faster.

Especially for answering operations that receive a large number of messages or have periods of peak messages, this functionality will help to ensure that audios do not “fall behind”, by a natural (and unconscious) prioritization of answering text conversations first.

With the help of STT transcribing all audios to text, the histories of these conversations are now made available in a clearer and mappable way, which allows searches and statistical studies to be carried out.

An example of these studies is Sentiment Analysis, a feature that allows the platform to automatically identify the level of satisfaction and emotion of the customer in their messages.

Use of Google technology for STT

STT (Speech To Text) technology is a tool made available by large companies, such as Google and Microsoft Azure, for example. We decided to use this tool from these great players because we understand that their available libraries and integration features serve very well what we need to do.

Thus, the STT provided very assertive transcriptions in a very fast response time, also meeting our commitment to offer our customers performance gains in service and use of validated technology platforms.

STT is a feature that you need to use

When you are impacted by broad and complex terms, such as Digital Transformation or Artificial Intelligence, it often seems that their applicability is far from your reality.

Do you want to make the digital transformation in your company’s service? Get in touch with Dialogram’s experts and understand more about how we can help you.

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