The growth of this service support in several different businesses is located on social networks.

The digital consumer wants to be increasingly served by social networks. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Online Chat and Telegram are common channels where this customer wants to receive support.

The point is that the immediacy demanded by this client turns this into a major challenge in social media. Being alert on all these channels at the same time is a complicated requirement if we don’t understand it better and adapt to this condition.

Where does my company need to be for good service on social networks?

Your company does not necessarily need to be on all social networks, but it does need to choose the main fronts. She really needs to be in the chosen networks and understand the importance of providing this service online.

And how to do that? By asking customers where they would like to be served by you, using surveys can be a good way to get the answer to prioritize channels. WhatsApp is ahead of all social networks as the main online communication channel for companies and not adopting it is missing the opportunity to be where your customer is.

Also talk to your employees, salespeople and attendants about which channels have already been activated by customers and needed to provide assistance.

How to start service on social networks?

If you and your company have decided on which social networks you want to start serving your digital consumer, it is time to define some important questions about how this will happen:

  • Define the minimum service SLA – The digital consumer does not want to wait hours for a service on social networks, so the first question is to define the maximum waiting time for a customer;
  • Define what can be answered and what cannot – There are simpler and punctual services, in which communication via social networks becomes effective, but there are more complex ones, in which it is necessary to transfer to the telephone service or even the opening of calls in dedicated systems;
  • Define standard messages and important links – When you define standard messages, you are reducing the risk of misalignment of communication, or even Portuguese language errors. When they define important links with explanatory documents about products, services and processes, they are also providing the customer with standardized information that will help them in their daily lives.

Decreasing costs and increasing results 

The integration of customer service channels on social networks with business management systems will also considerably increase your service. Second copy of bank slip, status of protocols, notice of assistance or consultations are some of the examples that are now automated, without the need for human intervention.

The use of artificial intelligence is also a huge leap in quality, speed and profitability. Once you understand the main services and the language used by your customer, it is possible to adopt intelligence resources incorporated into chatbots so that your customer is served by these important robots, but in a humanized way.

These actions are complex to be implemented, so you and your company need to be supported by those who have real knowledge of the implementation of advanced technologies in service on social networks.

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