The Digital Transformation in support: Who needs to meet new demands?

Digital Transformation is a subject that has impacted businesses of all sizes and this is just beginning. As our core issue is customer service, let’s start talking here about how much digital transformation is also present in our occupations.

Addressing the demands of serving customers and future customers is a challenge that grows day by day, especially when looking at the digital consumer or consumer 4.0 (one of the most demanding consumers of all time). This consumer wants to be supported where he is, at the moment he wants, the way he expects it. Very simple, right? #not

Online service is a subject that constantly surrounds us. We wrote an article about the challenges of online service and presented important reflections on the topic.

It is at this moment that companies of all sizes and segments have “stumbled” in offering ways of communication that are closer to their customers in response to these new demands. Being able to serve customers across multiple channels without losing control of the operation is a major challenge today. This is one of the greatest examples of digital transformation.


A Case Study of Digital Transformation with Fortics

Dialogram has a hands-on example of Digital Transformation on the world’s largest online communication platform, WhatsApp. It is a clear demonstration that, instead of requiring the customer to adopt to a communication channel for your company, it’s better to use the communication channel most commonly used by your customer.

The example in question is service innovation from UNIMED Itajubá, one of Dialogram’s customers using Dialogram Chat. Showing how it’s possible, in a completely automated way, to request authorization for a medical procedure via WhatsApp!

The integration takes place between the client authorization management system and the OMNICHANNEL Dialogram Chat communication platform and performs the following operations:

  • Customer Need Recognition – It is important to have a clear way of presenting to the customer the services available and choosing from them;
  • Clarification of the process to follow – From the beginning, letting the customer know how the process will happen is a way of providing satisfaction;
  • Phased data collection – Phasing data collection, in addition to being a good process practice, also meets UX on the customer journey;
  • Ticket number and password generation – Confirmation of a generated ticket gives the customer the certainty that their request went through;
  • Authorization Status Inquiry – Providing a clear form of status inquiry is one of the major focuses of reducing the need for human intervention in support.


    Digital transformation is thinking about the human being

    This title seems contradictory, but it’s not. Digital Transformation demands to think first about the transformation that the human being is going through and to understand which new relationship demands arise from these changes.

    When it comes to digital, yes, we are debating how technology tools can help this process serve the new connected consumer and make their lives better, more productive, more comfortable and safer.

    Therefore, we are bringing digital transformation as a fundamental issue to be perceived by directors and executives of companies who want to stand out for the high value of delivered business, perceived by society, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and others.

    From the example, what else can be done?

     A world of processes that today depend on human service can be optimized from automated service capabilities. Just by using online service, even if performed by human attendants, the gain in scale of your business is considerable.

    Some caution is needed along this path and some warnings are important for the adoption of these technologies to really reflect on results for your business. Therefore, we suggest that you contact one of our subject matter experts to find out how your business can benefit.

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