Online chat or WebChat, how about we think about this again?

O Chat online implantado no seu site ainda é uma boa solução de atendimento para o seu cliente? Depois da primeira onda de implantações de pequenas soluções de atendimento on-line em sites, uma nova era destes sistemas está sendo utilizada. Vamos falar sobre isso a partir de agora.

You have probably come across that little communication box or icon that appears in the bottom left corner of websites and web pages, right? We can call it Online Chat or, as we like best, WebChat.

In its simplest versions, it is only a communication port with a human user (the contributor) connected on the other side. If this human attendant is online, Online Chat is working. If this attendant is not available, Chat is “offline”. That simple.

Este modelo de atendimento on-line funcionou para que colaboradores, empresas e seus clientes tivessem o primeiro contato com o canal de comunicação. Em alguns casos, este modelo avançou para ações mais efetivas, mas em outros, as experiências ruins com um atendimento on-line tão simples fizeram com que empresas desistissem do modelo. Uma pena, não é?

Other Usage Options for Online Chat

In the previous article, we talked about the various reasons why customers demand online service at companies. Financial services, such as bill recovery; technical support, as well as product questions; or sales calls, such as requesting proposals (a topic that needs an article just for itself) are some of the examples we can cover.

Note, then, that only one user connected to an Online Chat does not solve all the demands of online service, because there are numerous reasons why customers ask for assistance and, moreover, there are several employees who need to be aware of the online service that your business or entity needs to provide.

This enables you to deploy a technology solution and processes that enable multiple employees from many different departments to communicate with customers online! But should every online service be performed by a human attendant or is it possible to use automated means for this? That is the subject of the next part of this article.


Advancing Online Chat Automation


In the previous world of online service, if I needed to significantly increase the service capacity of my organization, I would also need to increase the number of attendants available for this job. But scaling a fulfillment operation and reducing its costs is a latent demand by businesses.

The automation of support through the use of Artificial Intelligence resources (you can find specific articles about this on our blog) and integration with other systems, allows your customer to be served in an automated and humane way. Let’s look at an example:

  • Your client enters Online Chat and is greeted humanely by a chatbot (digital robot with human characteristics);
  • He then sends a message asking for “a duplicate invoice”;
  • Chatbot features understand the incoming message and initiate a service flow integrated with your company’s ERP system;
  • The new payment slip is generated by the ERP system and delivered to the customer in a pdf file;
  • But the customer sends a new message to Online Chat, this time asking to “change the payment date of your contract”;
  • At this time, chatbot directs communication to a human attendant who will manually make the change.

Veja, este é um pequeno exemplo de automação, mas diversas outras situações mais complexas podem ser realizadas a partir destes recursos. A análise da Inteligência Artificial pode identificar demandas dos clientes em mensagens mais complexas e interagir realizando perguntas de confirmação para tomar a decisão do melhor caminho de atendimento.

Neste artigo, estamos falando do uso de Chat online, mas essas mesmas questões podem ser implantadas para WhatsApp (nossa principal plataforma), Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger e Telegram, além das comunicações por SMS e Voz.

O que fazer para implantar uma nova versão?

See, this is a small example of automation, but several other more complex situations can be accomplished from these features. Artificial Intelligence analysis can identify customer demands on more complex messages and interact by asking confirming questions to make the decision on the best path for service.

Mas se você quer ousar e implantar um processo de atendimento automatizado a partir de Inteligência Artificial e recursos de integração com sistemas, para escalar e reduzir custos da sua operação, precisará de um fornecedor mais preparado para amparar sua empresa.

In this article, we are talking about using Online Chat, but these same questions can be implemented for WhatsApp (our flagship platform), Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, as well as SMS and Voice communications.

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