With the advancement of the internet, chatbots have emerged as one of the main innovations of recent years.

What are Chatbots?

The expression “bots” is short for “robots”, which means robots in English, with this concept it is possible to deduce that chatbots are conversation managers, programmed to answer questions asked by company customers, which makes it an invention that can revolutionize traditional customer service, which is still widely used today.

In addition to the programmed responses, “chatbots” have tools with an extensive database, where all the information already filled in by each customer is stored. Therefore, a complete history is maintained.

Main advantages of Chatbots

Instant and fast service

This tool can simulate an extensive amount of responses, being able to solve from the simplest doubts about opening hours, requests and reservations, to some more complex questions, all in just a few minutes and with great practicality.

For companies that have a high flow of services, investing in chatbot technology can be essential to be able to solve mainly small problems and thus, alleviating the demand for personal service.

Text-like interface that everyone knows how to use

Chatbots offer their services through an interface similar to text messaging applications, which is used in users’ daily lives and is easy to handle.

Technology that is being continuously improved

Fluid dialogue remains one of the great challenges of chatbots, after all, interaction to solve problems is complicated even in a conversation between two people. However, we should not underestimate the capacity of chatbots as they are constantly being improved.

Main disadvantages of Chatbots

There are situations that depend on personal service

There are cases in which personal contact is irreplaceable in order to solve a problem. In addition, listening to what customers have to say is a matter of great importance for brands that want to develop and improve their customer service.

Many customers prefer contact with real employees

Even companies that offer a variety of customer service options end up realizing that some of them still prefer to use more traditional methods of communication. Therefore, it is up to each company to carry out surveys to get to know its audience better and try to understand their degree of familiarity with the technology.

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