Chatbots are gaining more and more space for presenting positive results. For this and other reasons, companies have invested in this as a sales strategy.

Briefly, bots are programmed to chat with their customers, via chat, and perform activities that have been programmed. They can be used, for example, to answer questions, make appointments and sell. Yes! Sell on various channels such as WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, online chat and etc.

Ways to use chatbots

1 Capture information from interested people

When you register, exchanging your personal data for some type of content offered for free, that person automatically becomes a Lead. For those who use sales strategies like Inside Sales, creating leads is an essential task and, often, not easy!

Os chatbots podem auxiliar sua equipe de marketing e vendas para potencializar a captura de leads. Essa ferramenta pode ser utilizada em sua estratégia de marketing de conteúdo por exemplo. Você pode fornecer ebooks, infográficos, webinars e outros materiais ricos através dos chatbots.

It is much easier for the visitor to provide the data in a conversation than to fill out a non-interactive form. The interaction with the lead is an essential point to improve the company’s sales and can influence customer retention as well.

2 Pre-sell

Through chatbots, you can pre-sell very effectively, enabling the optimization of your salespeople’s work. For example, if the customer is interested in a service or product that your company offers, the chatbot can present all plans and prices to him. If the visitor feels interested and chooses one of the plans, the chatbot captures the necessary data for the purchase.

You can also program the chatbot to provide the customer with more product information to help with the choice. In this scenario, your sales team will use the data captured by the chatbot to contact the future customer and finalize the purchase. You can program your chatbot to use humanized language to provide the best experience possible.

3 Perform automatic sales

Assisting in automatic sales is one more way that the chatbot can be used to boost your sales.

Your bot can be programmed to offer products and services and, after choosing, send a link (or redirect) the customer to a page where he will provide the data to make the payment.

Chatbots can also be integrated with payment systems and send the ticket to the customer after choosing the product. This whole process can be done without human intervention.

There are countless ways to automate the sales process. The ideal model depends on your type of business and the services it offers.

4 Taking proactive approaches

The chance of selling to people who have visited your site can be greater if you use proactive approaches! If someone is browsing your company page, they are probably interested in the subject or the product / service you offer.

Bots can help your sales team by promoting promotions, offering discounts, free shipping and other offers to site visitors.

Another example of a proactive approach is the use of chatbots to remind consumers about items in the shopping cart. You can use mental triggers to enhance this strategy, for example, your chatbot can send a message saying “Finalize your purchases right now. Only one 42 ”LCD TV unit remains.

5 Increase availability

Nobody likes to wait to be served when trying to make a purchase or take a question about a product / service, as many companies end up losing customers for not being able to serve everyone. This generates a lot of consumer dissatisfaction and, consequently, a drop in profits.

You need to be available to customers 24 hours a day. Even if the bot does not make the sale alone, it can save all the necessary data for the visitor so that a salesperson can then contact you during business hours.

This approach is extremely important to improve the company’s results, as many consumers do not have time to contact during business hours. Bots help you not to miss any more opportunities because you are not available.

6 Optimize resources

Chatbots are ideal for solving problems, they can solve, by themselves, simple and recurring requests. This helps employees to be free to carry out other more complex demands and engage in negotiations with customers who have greater purchasing potential.

7 Collect customer feedback

Feedback is one of the ways to understand your customer and improve your strategy to maximize results.

You can use chatbots to collect feedback and understand why customers buy your product or service and why they don’t buy it. This helps your team to take initiatives that can improve the number of sales.

For example, if through feedbacks you find that customers are giving up on purchases because of the price, you can create and offer more basic plans.

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